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Headquartered in Northwest Arkansas with an office in Little Rock, Bowman Lewis provides experienced legal representation across the State of Arkansas. We have been litigating cases in Arkansas for over a decade. Our attorneys are here to help you with all your legal issues.

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Practice Area

Family Law

Relationships are tough. Ending those relationships can be even tougher. From divorce to custody matters to guardianships, our team of attorneys stands ready to guide you through the complex legal issues in your family law case.


Sometimes life happens. Whether it is medical issues, employment loss or simply getting in over your head, bankruptcy is there to help you get back on financial track. We will guide you through the complex bankruptcy process and help get you back on your feet.

Civil & Asset Forfeiture

The police can seize your money, vehicles and any other property they even think is related to a crime. You do not even have to be charged with anything. Civil/Asset Forfeiture is a complicated process that needs an attorney to navigate.  Contact us to take your property back.

Criminal Justice

When you are charged with a crime, the Government is using all its power to prosecute you. You need to counter with a team of attorneys that is not afraid to fight them. We have taken cases to trial all across the State of Arkansas and practice in federal court as well. 

Civil Rights Advocacy

You have seen the news. You know that the government and police are far from perfect. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, contact us to guide you through the complex process of going after the government.


Whether allegedly due to drugs or alcohol, DWI is a serious charge that you need serious representation to fight.

Our Attorneys

With offices in NW and Central Arkansas, as well as meeting places in Texarkana and Mountain Home - we are able to serve the entire State of Arkansas effectively. Attorneys in the firm practice Arkansas criminal justice, Arkansas divorce and custody cases, as well as other types of contested litigation. Each of the members of the firm engage in litigation and trials.

When bad things happen, we are here to help....

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Bowman & Lewis, PLLC
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